Why investing in Smart On Hold would be good for your home business

On-hold messaging is a service used by businesses, says Wikipedia, and Smart On Hold can provide that. Smart On Hold is a venture started by Nathan Miller who got the idea of making people listen to engaging messages while being put on hold rather than boring old elevator type music. Out of this he learned four things which helped him create the company it is today. Firstly, by playing these messages, they generated more leads and increased sales of their product. While listening to these messages, one is more likely to stay on hold and learn about the product or service and thirdly, one is more likely to purchase and make use of the company’s product.


It was not about competing with similar companies, rather Smart On hold focused on creating their own niche by finding out what people disliked about existing ones and then doing the exact opposite which is a major contribution to their success in Australia. People are more likely to hang up when they are on hold for a long time. However, Smart On hold is a great way to invest and generate new potential leads and it will only do the business good. It’s like having a salesperson without having to travel all over the countryside and it educates people as well!

With Smart On Hold you can avail of a wide range of on hold messages and music packages to suit your every need starting at a mere 10 dollars per week. With a regular provider, you may have to make a contract which means if you do not like their service and wish to back out, then you pay a price for it – in monetary terms. With Smart On Hold, there is no contract, and there’s always a chance to back out if the service is not what you expect.


With its 180 day money back guarantee, Smart On Hold is a great investment because you can track the results and leads you get through the service and the more the merrier right? It’s like a free trial to increase business and who wouldn’t want that? What is even better is that you don’t only get a full refund if you are dissatisfied but you get double the amount which makes for a good barter.


Listening to a person in monotone can put you to sleep and bore you. However, with Smart On Hold, you need not worry about boring voice overs. In fact the artists chosen to record the messages are experienced professionals who know how to engage and audience. With an option for male voice overs or female voice overs, your options are endless.

With Smart On Hold, you can play different messages at different times of the year and even switch up the messages during the week depending on the promotions happening. This has proved very useful in the past and Smart On Hold is only growing bigger in the telecommunication industry. You can also choose how long you want to broadcast your seasonal or promotional messages for.


Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, but again it could be the very reason that drives us over the edge. So if anything goes wrong with the messaging system or phone system, Smart On Hold promises to fix the issue or do what it can do help you fix it. All this comes at no cost. With the systems being tested for many glitches, it can be complicated to navigate. So if it does not work for you the first time, you get four weeks of free service which is an awesome deal.

Here’s another reason to invest in messages on hold. Your on hold messages should state exactly what you need it to and that is why your package comes with unlimited amounts of re – scripting and editing costs which if done separately can be extremely expensive and ineffective. If you need to make any changes to an existing message, all you need to do is request and update and consider it done. If help is what you need, then our customer care team too is just one call away and is ever ready to fix any issue you may have.


With the advent of social media, Smart On Hold on Twitter can update you, required you can follow them and let them know any complaint or query that you have and they would be more than happy to assist you. Smart On Hold has been known to increase leads by 5% as compared to other telemarketing companies. So contact us anytime and in the meanwhile stay engaged!